Special Machinery for the Production of Furniture

Detailed solutions for better performance and intelligent control systems, accompanying the work pieces securely throughout the whole process.

We will be able to deliver you the following products (by clicking on the respective link you will get details about each machine):

Universal Machine Schröder WRM 2/S for Through-Feed Operation

A machine for multifunctional use, especially for the processing of furniture parts, offering the individual functions of burring and cleaning (in the case of the working of foil-laminated 3D cabinet doors, as well as surface structuring, smoothing, sanding and polishing (in the case of furniture parts made of solid wood).

Cleaning Machine Schröder SBQA – 1/ 1350

Special machine for the cleaning of panels during the production of furniture parts by means of circulating linear cross-wise working brushes and a subsequent dust removal blow-off unit.

Returning of Work Piece Device Schröder WRü

Machine for the returning of work pieces in order to be worked additionally on the same machine (for instance in the case of one-sided working of corners)

Vertical Buffer with Automatic Removal Schröder SpaE

Space-saving panel store with process-controlled automatic removal unit.

Glue Placing Machine Schröder LA

process-controlled machine for the placing of defined quantities of glue at defined points on different work pieces.

Cabinet Press Schröder KP

Process-controlled fully automatic machine for the defined pressing of cabinets

Cabinet Erecting Machine Schröder KA

Unit for the optimising of working processes starting with the through-feed operation up to the erecting of the pieces of furniture

Setting Down Robot Schröder  AWR

Program-controlled machine for the clocked-controlled moving of furniture into defined positions.

90 °Angle Pass-Over Unit Schröder WÜ

Unit for the optimising of the process chain running direction with or without the possibility to adapt the quantities of work pieces to the cycle time of the machine.

Cross Over Conveyor Schröder QTW

Unit for the optimising of the process chain running direction and/ or linkage with other product lines.

Intelligent Linkage of Machinery by Conveying Plants made by Schröder-Förderanlagen

Plants for the conveying of furniture and furniture parts while speed, quantity and adjustment are adapted to the requirements of the subsequent machine.

Universal Press Schröder SUP 101/ 2500

Electrohydraulic press for frames and other furniture parts with an adjustment of width of up to 2.500 mm.

(If you click on the individual machine, you will get a detailed description of its performance).

Foil Storage Paternoster FPS / Industrial Paternoster

The proven Gottschild Foil Storage Paternoster FPS are the best storage technology for storing eg. foils for cutting plotter, PVC foils for your 3D furniture fronts production or other rollers..