Integrated Processes for the Production of Furniture

Each chain is only as strong as each individual part of it Efficient processes for the production of furniture and furniture parts rely on units, where the parts are processed and assembled, and they do especially rely on an intelligent conveying technology, combining the individual units, in order to achieve an efficient whole thing in the end.

Due to our know-how in the range of the process-optimising conveying technology we have already created several special production plants (by clicking on the link you will get more details about the processes):

Assembly Line for the Production of Cabinets within the Production of Kitchen and Office Furniture

This machine line will enable you to reduce personnel expenses by 65% while productivity will be increased at the same time. Following tasks have been automated:

  • conveying
  • buffer
  • gluing
  • pressing
  • erecting
  • removal

Finishing Line for Foil-Laminated 3D Cabinet Doors

This line describes the automation of the finishing of furniture parts between press and commission. Personnel expenses will be reduced by 50 %. Following tasks have been automated:

  • conveying
  • trimming
  • burring
  • cleaning